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The iPhone has been a real _________ for Apple but the smartphone market is becoming dangerously oversaturated.

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What does "It's out of the question" mean here? Employee: Can I go home early today? Boss: It's out of the question.

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Complete the sentence with the correct word. We are very interested in ………………………. with you.

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Complete the sentence with the correct word. Due to the economic crisis, lots of companies are declaring …………….

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In a meeting, you hear someone say ‘let’s wrap this up.’ What do they mean?

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Drawing up a ______________ is a fundamental management process.

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One of the ____________ of flying business class is that you get access to the VIP lounge before you fly

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When you start a presentation, it’s _______________ to thank everyone in the audience for attending.

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The US government _________________ (rescued) GM Motors to save thousands of blue-collar jobs.

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I asked them for a _________________ (estimate) just to get the negotiations underway

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